Giving Your Dog The Best Quality Food

When feeding your dog, the cost of the food is just one of the factors to consider. Of course, you want to be assured that your dog is enjoying a tasty and well balanced meal, but also important are the amounts of minerals and vitamins in your dog’s food.

Hopefully your dog gives you lots of love and companionship and it should be worth it to you to spend a little extra on good quality dog food. This is one area where it pays to spend a little more, despite the fact that cost is an obvious concern for many pet owners.

You can help prevent your dog from getting sick by feeding him only food that contains high quality ingredients, and you should keep this in mind when shopping for dog food. Of course, you can buy cheap dog food, although this approach may mean that your dog is more likely to become sick, and most experts will tell you that it just doesn’t pay to skimp.

Dog food has come a long way, and techniques such as freeze drying, air drying and can sterilization are now the norm. However, it will cost you more to buy dog food that uses these modern techniques.

As a general rule, bagged dog food will cost you a lot less than canned food. If you routinely buy cheap and poor quality dog food, there is a much higher chance of you dog having an allergic reaction to the food, and you should check regularly for signs. However, it is also worth shopping around and comparing prices, as it is sometimes possible to pay less but still get good quality food.

As with other grocery items, you always know what you are paying as the price is often clearly indicated on the bag or the can. Just make sure you make the best decision when buying food for your dog.

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How Does Trauma Affect You?

The monster of trauma lives inside you and feeds on the painful memories you have accumulated over the years. This creature keeps feeding on your emotional, mental and physical energy. You start feeling terrified all the time. The intense trauma makes it difficult to focus on anything.

The monster living inside you keeps troubling you with its frequent piercing bites. It troubles your heart and makes it difficult to live peacefully. You are unable to think anything else away from your painful experiences of your past.

The troubling memories you experience frequently are nothing but all those events where you were rejected, brutalized, molested, beaten and abused. Your mind remembers all such humiliations and keeps them in your memory.

All those scenes keep coming up in your mind every now and then. You can see and feel all those events with so much clarity even after several years down the line. This poor mental state makes you vulnerable and you never feel well.

You can start your healing journey from trauma in God here: